Hi, I’m lucy

I’m a dietitian and lifestyle medicine professional with a decade of experience in helping families with their eating issues.

I specialise in:

  • eating disorders and disordered eating
  • sports nutrition
  • feeding fussy kids
  • lifestyle medicine (sleep, stress, social connections, emotional wellbeing)


  • person showing left eye

    You’re not meant to know that

    “From my perspective, everything is going really well,” I told my client. She gave me a wispy little smile that didn’t reach her eyes. “In fact,” I carried on, “It’s going so well I think it’s actually too good to be true.” Her smile fell flat. “I know you’ve been eating without a fuss. Which…


  • All or nothing with food

    “I open the pantry doors, and I sort of barricade myself behind them so no one can see me, and I just quickly eat the whole thing before anyone notices.” I appreciated that she was opening up to me and asking for advice, it takes a lot to be vulnerable like that… but in truth,…


  • woman sitting on the road eating froot loops

    The benefits of binge eating

    The exam was a week away. I had been studying for this for months, I was only going to get one shot at passing it, and the pass rate was 80%. Boy oh boy was I stressed. I snapped at my partner, I kept zoning out when playing with my toddler, and I had the…


  • From binge eating to the bin

    I went into the supermarket knowing exactly what I wanted: lolly cake. That classic Kiwi treat. There was nothing I wanted more in the world than a thick slice of malty fudge interspersed with chewy nougat-y candy. I had wanted the same thing the day before, too. And the day before that. I just couldn’t…


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