My covert mission to McDonalds

It was about six o’clock in the evening when I parked my heavily branded work car several streets away from my destination… Was this too close? I looked around suspiciously, second-guessed myself, and drove another block away. It was a hot evening in one of those summers that lingers well into fall, but I forcedContinue reading “My covert mission to McDonalds”

Why writing is like basketball (with the pitches for my first two novels at the end)

I finished writing my first novel, She’s on Pointe, at the start of 2020. I sent my first batch of queries out the day New Zealand went into Level 4 lockdown… I got a couple full manuscript requests in those first couple days and started to get my hopes up… And then, well, COVID-times andContinue reading “Why writing is like basketball (with the pitches for my first two novels at the end)”

Healing your relationship with food

No matter what my clients come to see me about, more often than not we end up talking about their relationship with food. I liken it to a scale: a perfectly healthy relationship with food is at one end and a full-blown eating disorder at the other. I work in the grey area in theContinue reading “Healing your relationship with food”

Getting back en pointe

I used to dance. Ballet. From ages six to almost-18. I may not have been amazing, but I was pretty good, and I loved it. It was actually a bit of a tough decision to pursue university studies over trying to dance professionally, but I chose uni and stopped dancing. For over 10 years IContinue reading “Getting back en pointe”

Of course I eat cake

I was at an office morning tea last week and, being quite hungry, I chowed down on a piece of chocolate cake. Later on, a woman I didn’t know sat next to me and started on her own piece of cake. Because I do a fair bit of education work, people tend to know thatContinue reading “Of course I eat cake”

Why BMI is bullshit

In 2019, I wrote an opinion piece for the New Zealand Medical Journal about why I don’t think BMI has a place in the health and wellbeing check for our four-year-olds. You can read the full thing here. It must have been a slow news day when it came out, because I had my twoContinue reading “Why BMI is bullshit”