Time to ditch daylight saving

As every parent knows, daylight saving is a bitch. The twice-yearly ritual of shifting the clocks is rife with sleep deprivation and bad moods. I have been rubbing my eyes blearily every morning this past week as my four-year-old adjusts back to standard time (I feel like he only recently got used to daylight savingContinue reading “Time to ditch daylight saving”

Vegetable oils: a food industry wet dream

Looking back at my childhood, there are a great many things I am thankful for. From running barefoot in the grass and climbing tress, to carting my baby sister around on my hip and dressing my little brother up like a pixie. And one thing I’m very thankful for is butter. My parents aren’t alwaysContinue reading “Vegetable oils: a food industry wet dream”

Fitbit – friend or foe?

I was recently gifted a smartwatch. And the first thing I did with it was turn off all of the health tracking features. Seems a bit of a strange move, I know. Having something so fancy and expensive on my wrist but only using it to alert me to select calls and messages… Why notContinue reading “Fitbit – friend or foe?”

Why morning sickness guidelines can suck it

Morning sickness. If you’ve experienced it, you’ll know what a joke the name is. I’ve heard it said that a man must have given it it’s famous title, because a woman would know that that shit lasts all day. A few months ago, I knew I was pregnant for the second time well before theContinue reading “Why morning sickness guidelines can suck it”

An explosion of eating disorders

I’ve worked in the grey area of disordered eating for a while, often seeing young athletes who reluctantly come to see me with their concerned parent. It’s an area that I love, because seeing these teens get better is so rewarding. It used to be that occasionally a parent would drag their teen along forContinue reading “An explosion of eating disorders”

You are the expert in you (and your children)

Yesterday I had the privilege of talking to a lovely group of mothers and mothers-to-be. Afterwards, my colleague commented on how the message I kept repeating to these mothers was something she thought they had never heard from a health professional before. “Oh?” One of my eyebrows shot up. What had I said that wasContinue reading “You are the expert in you (and your children)”

Stressed out? Change your mindset

A while back, I wrote a small piece on stress management as part of a larger resource. I started off by writing all the usual stuff about how chronic stress kills. But as I was writing, I was thinking to myself how utterly unhelpful it is to tell people to just avoid stress. It’s totallyContinue reading “Stressed out? Change your mindset”

What is lifestyle medicine?

Today I received confirmation that my fellowship to the Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine has been approved: I’m officially a fellow. While it’s a big deal to me, I know it means next to nothing to most people, because most people have never heard of lifestyle medicine! Let’s change that. Lifestyle medicine is a branchContinue reading “What is lifestyle medicine?”

Laughter is no joke

It was weekly ritual. The giant bucket of popcorn was balanced precariously between the cinema seats. Even with my brother’s monster appetite there was no way we’d make more than a small dent in it, but that wasn’t the point. It was time to relax. Sweat beads slipped down the shiny glass beer bottles inContinue reading “Laughter is no joke”

Cover me in sunshine

After lunch yesterday, my 3-year-old lay down on the floor quietly. “What are you doing, cutey?” I asked. “I just want to lie in the sunshine,” he stated matter-of-factly. I lay down next to him and for the next 15 minutes that’s all we did. My god it felt good. I am a sun-seeker. RightContinue reading “Cover me in sunshine”