Breastfed babies can be fat… and perfectly healthy

I was invited to speak to my local group of Plunket nurses a few years back. I didn’t prepare anything specially for them, I simply rocked up and held a question-and-answer session. They were a fun bunch of ladies and I had a great time. But I left the session chewing my lip, worried aboutContinue reading “Breastfed babies can be fat… and perfectly healthy”

Why morning sickness guidelines can suck it

Morning sickness. If you’ve experienced it, you’ll know what a joke the name is. I’ve heard it said that a man must have given it it’s famous title, because a woman would know that that shit lasts all day. A few months ago, I knew I was pregnant for the second time well before theContinue reading “Why morning sickness guidelines can suck it”

Self-care at the mercy of others

“Just remember to make time for you,” said every person I interacted with in the first year after having a baby. It certainly felt like every person, anyway. I would smile and “Mm hm” back at them but some days the temptation to bitch slap these well-intentioned people was almost overwhelming. It’s not the messageContinue reading “Self-care at the mercy of others”

Baby’s first foods

I got a message a couple days ago from a friend, asking about first foods for baby. She’d gone online and, in her eloquent words, discovered that “There’s a lot of shit out there.” I couldn’t agree more. First thing’s first: when is baby ready for solids? You’ll hear six months thrown around a lotContinue reading “Baby’s first foods”