Breastfed babies can be fat… and perfectly healthy

I was invited to speak to my local group of Plunket nurses a few years back. I didn’t prepare anything specially for them, I simply rocked up and held a question-and-answer session. They were a fun bunch of ladies and I had a great time. But I left the session chewing my lip, worried aboutContinue reading “Breastfed babies can be fat… and perfectly healthy”

Should ‘co-sleeping’ just be ‘sleeping’?

Last night my 3-year-old had a nightmare. Because we were in the same bed, when he woke crying my arm automatically wrapped around him and I pulled him close to me. He lay his head on my shoulder and, while his tears soaked through my t-shirt, he told me about his bad dream: he hadContinue reading “Should ‘co-sleeping’ just be ‘sleeping’?”

Breastfeeding is more than the milk

Recently, a mother complained on Twitter about the pressure to pump and bottle feed instead of just OG breastfeeding. I had only been on Twitter a couple days at the time and I was nervous to comment and share my own story, but I wish I had. The pump-then-bottle-feed message was pushed on me timeContinue reading “Breastfeeding is more than the milk”