Kind and patient

“I have had a great experience working with Lucy. She was always kind and patient with me and made sure that I was comfortable with everything we worked towards. I’m really happy with how far I’ve come and could not have done it without Lucy’s support and guidance.”

Angharard Rose

Overall wellbeing dramatically improved

“I was really lost as to how to help my teenage daughter eat well for her considerable training load, and how to manage some of her attitudes and feelings about food… Lucy was recommended to us as someone who was both knowledgeable about sports nutrition, and experienced in dealing with young athletes. My daughter, who is often very quiet, found her direct and friendly manner really easy to engage with. Lucy quickly worked out some of the ideas and misinformation she had about nutrition that were leading to her not eating well, and came up with an easy-to-follow plan to guide her… We both enjoyed Lucy’s focus on performance and feeling well, rather than any discussion about weight, size, or appearance. My daughter’s overall wellbeing, as well as her sporting performance, has dramatically improved.”

Sophia Bidwell, mother of teen client

Benefitted more areas of my life than I had realised

“Lucy has been so helpful. She is easy to work with and has helped me see that if you eat good food, everything becomes a lot easier. This benefitted more areas of my life than I had realised it would. My 5km time improved by 3 minutes within a few months of following her advice, and I am much less tired in general. My mood, which I had been struggling with, also really improved. She was very kind, and flexible about when we could come and see her. Her follow up emails were great as we still have all her advice in writing and still use it.”

Alex Bidwell, teen client

Exceeded expectations

“Lucy exceeded expectations when presenting to our students on high performance nutrition. I appreciated she took extra time to tailor her presentation towards specific areas of nutrition most relevant to young adults in full-time training and can highly recommend her. Lucy’s professionalism and attention to detail was combined with an empathetic approach which had a positive impact on the class.”

Kase Craig, National Academy of Singing and Dramatic Arts at Ara

Relatable, non-judgmental

“Lucy ran a fantastic seminar for our parents on nutrition for infants, toddlers and preschoolers. She was able to answer the many and varied questions our parents had, dispelling myths and concerns with her vast knowledge and experience. Our parents loved the informal question and answer format of the session and Lucy’s lovely, relaxed manner. Lucy was relatable, non-judgmental and really knew her stuff! We received wonderful feedback from our parents, some even suggesting we get Lucy back every year.”

Jo Ward, Forfar Nursery and Preschool

Down to earth influence

“My daughter was under Lucy’s supervision for several months. Her sport consists of high physical demands and weight maintenance was challenging – some guidance was required. We both found Lucy’s direct, knowledgeable and relatable approach very easy to work with. Guidance was clear and realistic and it was easy for us to trust her input. I would highly recommend Lucy as a down to earth influence who truly has a passion for her work.”

Mother of teen client

Innate ability to connect with her clients

“Lucy has an innate ability to connect with her clients and understand their needs. Her no-nonsense and non judgmental approach put Keely at ease from the start. I would highly recommend Lucy!”

Barb Tasker, mother of teen client

Just the right balance of lightness and facts

“Lucy provided a nutrition workshop for our senior dancers which was insightful, balanced interactive and age appropriate. As Lucy comes from a dance background she could give the students specific tools, guidance and awareness in a way that the students were able to grasp. Lucy has just the right balance of lightness & facts and we all learned a lot from her. Thank you Lucy!”

Lana Panfilow, Flow Dance Academy