Chew your smoothies

“Don’t worry, you’ll be back to having your healthy smoothies in no time,” the midwife said to me. Say what now? I was pregnant with my first baby and throwing up several times a day. I had just told the midwife that sucking on Gingernut biscuits in the morning was helping a little bit. ApparentlyContinue reading “Chew your smoothies”

The headache of electric lights

“Take a video of the light on your phone,” suggested my colleague, pointing up at the long fluorescent lamps that lit up the office. “A video? Why?” “I read that some lamps flicker. You can’t see it but if you take a video then watch the video on your phone you might be able toContinue reading “The headache of electric lights”

No, I won’t weigh your daughter

“She just doesn’t understand that she can’t be like her friends. They all go out and get chocolate bars and junk food and I just need someone to make her understand that she’s not a normal teenager. Dancers can’t do those things.” The woman on the phone kept up her diatribe, hardly drawing breath. “I’dContinue reading “No, I won’t weigh your daughter”

Seven ways to spot a dodgy dietitian/nutritionist

“A dietitian came into work to talk to the personal trainers,” he told me. Even over the phone, his voice had a certain strained-quality about it. I pictured a group of fit trainers, eager for solid nutrition advice to pass on to their clients, gathered around a young, white lady (my imagination went with theContinue reading “Seven ways to spot a dodgy dietitian/nutritionist”

My covert mission to McDonalds

It was about six o’clock in the evening when I parked my heavily branded work car several streets away from my destination… Was this too close? I looked around suspiciously, second-guessed myself, and drove another block away. It was a hot evening in one of those summers that lingers well into fall, but I forcedContinue reading “My covert mission to McDonalds”

Of course I eat cake

I was at an office morning tea last week and, being quite hungry, I chowed down on a piece of chocolate cake. Later on, a woman I didn’t know sat next to me and started on her own piece of cake. Because I do a fair bit of education work, people tend to know thatContinue reading “Of course I eat cake”