Chew your smoothies

“Don’t worry, you’ll be back to having your healthy smoothies in no time,” the midwife said to me. Say what now? I was pregnant with my first baby and throwing up several times a day. I had just told the midwife that sucking on Gingernut biscuits in the morning was helping a little bit. ApparentlyContinue reading “Chew your smoothies”

No, I won’t weigh your daughter

“She just doesn’t understand that she can’t be like her friends. They all go out and get chocolate bars and junk food and I just need someone to make her understand that she’s not a normal teenager. Dancers can’t do those things.” The woman on the phone kept up her diatribe, hardly drawing breath. “I’dContinue reading “No, I won’t weigh your daughter”

Seven ways to spot a dodgy dietitian/nutritionist

“A dietitian came into work to talk to the personal trainers,” he told me. Even over the phone, his voice had a certain strained-quality about it. I pictured a group of fit trainers, eager for solid nutrition advice to pass on to their clients, gathered around a young, white lady (my imagination went with theContinue reading “Seven ways to spot a dodgy dietitian/nutritionist”