Time to ditch daylight saving

As every parent knows, daylight saving is a bitch. The twice-yearly ritual of shifting the clocks is rife with sleep deprivation and bad moods. I have been rubbing my eyes blearily every morning this past week as my four-year-old adjusts back to standard time (I feel like he only recently got used to daylight savingContinue reading “Time to ditch daylight saving”

Go to sleep

A while back, I conducted a little experiment on myself. For three nights I went to sleep at the same time as my preschooler – 7.30pm. I wanted to see how I would feel if I slept more, so I just closed my eyes and drifted off a couple hours earlier than I usually wouldContinue reading “Go to sleep”

Should ‘co-sleeping’ just be ‘sleeping’?

Last night my 3-year-old had a nightmare. Because we were in the same bed, when he woke crying my arm automatically wrapped around him and I pulled him close to me. He lay his head on my shoulder and, while his tears soaked through my t-shirt, he told me about his bad dream: he hadContinue reading “Should ‘co-sleeping’ just be ‘sleeping’?”

Want to increase IQ and EQ? Read a novel

Recently I was told that I’ll never “develop as a person” if I continue to read novels instead of more serious non-fiction titles. It’s hard to explain my reaction when confronted with this view: a mix of exasperation, incredulity and facepalming. But sadly, this is a common misperception among self-help book devotees. I couldn’t bringContinue reading “Want to increase IQ and EQ? Read a novel”