Chew your smoothies

“Don’t worry, you’ll be back to having your healthy smoothies in no time,” the midwife said to me. Say what now? I was pregnant with my first baby and throwing up several times a day. I had just told the midwife that sucking on Gingernut biscuits in the morning was helping a little bit. ApparentlyContinue reading “Chew your smoothies”

In defence of milk

“Milk please,” my preschooler directed politely. “In my red cup, with a straw,” he added with a smile. I shook the bottle of organic, non-homogenized milk, so the cream would disperse from it’s lump at the top of the bottle, then I poured it into the specified red cup. He slurped it up happily, delightingContinue reading “In defence of milk”

Baby’s first foods

I got a message a couple days ago from a friend, asking about first foods for baby. She’d gone online and, in her eloquent words, discovered that “There’s a lot of shit out there.” I couldn’t agree more. First thing’s first: when is baby ready for solids? You’ll hear six months thrown around a lotContinue reading “Baby’s first foods”

To hide or not to hide: the vegetable question

My 3-year-old is currently going through a growth spurt. He is super tired, super hungry and super emotional all at once. I consider it training for when he’s a teenager. When I picked him up from preschool yesterday I read his little take-home slip of paper that lists what he ate that day. I wasContinue reading “To hide or not to hide: the vegetable question”

The dinnertime battleground

My son was sitting at the table, ready for his dinner. We had a vase of flowers on the table that he had picked from the garden, and we had lit several candles. I placed his plate in front of him, smiling at my lovingly prepared wholesome meal that would meet all of his nutritionContinue reading “The dinnertime battleground”

My covert mission to McDonalds

It was about six o’clock in the evening when I parked my heavily branded work car several streets away from my destination… Was this too close? I looked around suspiciously, second-guessed myself, and drove another block away. It was a hot evening in one of those summers that lingers well into fall, but I forcedContinue reading “My covert mission to McDonalds”